Out-of-Market Vehicle Procurement | Victory Automotive Solutions

Hassle-Free Vehicle Procurement by Victory Automotive Solutions

  Victory Automotive Solutions can assist you in getting overseas and out-of-market vehicles for your (or your clients’) needs. Our international procurement team has over 30 years of experience and contacts in every automotive market globally. We can produce the vehicle you need with the packaging and content required, from any market, delivered to any location for any need at any time! Our team of international vehicle specialists facilitate and coordinate all of your needs in a confidential and expeditious manner.   From procurement to final delivery.
  • Export compliance
  • Export declarations
  • Shipment prep
  • Made via air / ocean
  • Delivery - port to port or door to door
  • Import documentation
  • Duties
  • License applications
  • Coordinating brokerage & customs services
  • Expert optimal clearance process
  • Vehicle prep and specialized final delivery
  The Victory guarantee is customer satisfaction at the most competitive price.